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About Us


   We are a team of professionals, experienced and Tech Savvy who worked in the shipping industry for a decent period of time before we started our presence in the industry market, aiming to offer our own technological improvements of the logistics services in a form of a website usable for everyone. So we launched our first branch in the United States as the first step towards global expansion in all other markets. 

  As the eCommerce retail industry is immensely increasing online during the past 10 years, the logistics market sector has been growing rapidly, new customer needs have appeared, and numerous customized solutions had to be created to fulfil all aspects of those needs.

  Our mission is to define standardize those needs, and give our clients the smoothest way to use logistics in the method that they have never experienced before, through systemized procedures where they can interact virtually with their stocks, mail parcels, and personal belongings, in a warehouse away from their physical personal reach.

  And that all to be available at the least cost that logistics clients would find in other tailored solutions from other sources. And by reducing the number of times to reroute merchandise over the globe, also by maintaining the least harm to the environment that would result from unnecessary packaging and applying the use of the least harmful packaging materials.

  However, it comes with great responsibility towards transportation industry safety versus reliability of the services is which make us always eager to follow and update our personal to follow and process orders according to the standard measures defined by IATA and other governing bodies defining unsafe items to ship.

  Although as cost of providing those services is as important as quality and speed of service, we have partnered with the best reputable known global couriers as DHL Express and FedEx international, to provide you with a trustworthy experience that would allow us as shippers to establish a relationship with our clients same as relationship from a Pal to another.

 Although we are happy to respond positively to all ideas as successful businesses do, we will need a lot of those ideas, and that in order to create the one system that will be fit for all needs and wants. Always feel free to contact us or leave us feedback and we will contact you back.


Shipper Pal Team