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Welcome toShipper Pal

SHIPPER PAL is your Pal in the USA!

   Here in Shipper Pal, you will be able to save on international shipping prices up to 80% and avoid paying up to 12% sales tax on your purchases by giving you a USA tax-free shipping address which you can use for shopping from different online stores in the USA. We will receive the packages for you and keep them in our warehouse, and you can ship them later to yourself or to any address of your choice.

   We also offer a Free Consolidation service where you can combine your items into one or a few boxes, or you can choose our Deconsolidation function where you can segregate your items into multiple boxes that you can ship to different addresses, and more...

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How It Works

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To get your virtual Mailbox address for free.
Products from the USA online stores using your shipper Pal Mailbox address.
The received packages in your Mailbox to anywhere you like.

Our Services

  • Virtual Addresses
    We provide you with a 'local' mailbox address which you will use as a shipping address at any online store.
    Shipper Pal will check delivered packages content and take a photo proof for each package.
  • Deconsolidation
    We can divide a large number of products into mini-parcels and you can mail them to anyone.
    By adding many packages in a few boxes will reduce the number of shipments and reduces costs.
    Up to 60 days on each received package will help you wait for more packages to ship along.
  • Shopping Pal services by our experts will help you order from international online Stores.

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