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We provide you with a 'local' mailbox address which you will use as a shipping address at any online store. you can simply visit any online website on the internet and add some items to your cart and start the process of check out, and in the process, you can use the virtual address provided by shipper pal as a shipping address to complete your purchase. because products prices in the USA are much cheaper than those sold by your local authorized resellers, also because most of the online stores in the USA will not ship internationally.
Shipper Pal will check delivered packages content and take a photo proof for each package. this will help you check the content of each and every item you ordered online, or arrived in your Mailbox and early discover discrepancies that may happen in order delivery from sellers, such as size, colour, model and condition, you can also ask for more images in-case you needed for as low as $1 per additional photo.
We can divide a large number of products into mini-parcels you can mail them to anyone. that is a top-shelf service, which allows you to take the benefit of quantity offers on shopping websites such offers along with your family and friends if they live beyond your physical reach, not only that but also you can use it for home business or start-up eCommerce concept which will help you save costs by avoiding the double-shipping cost that you can store those items in our warehouse, then ask us to pick the ordered items and ship to your client abroad for a fee of $2 to $5 only.
By adding many packages in a few boxes will reduce the number of shipments and reduces costs. as commonly known in the shipping world the more the weight the less the shipping costs. we made it easy for you to select from the packages received in your Mailbox and consolidate them, which means combine them into the minimum number of boxes and ship them in a single order, that will reduce the cost by at least 10% compared to other shippers who want to charge you for each piece solely.
Up to 60 days on each received package will help you wait for more packages to ship along. this will help you collect more than one order from two or more different websites and ship all together to use weight discounted shipping rates, you can always check the calculator and compare the difference between shipping 1LB and 20LB. and that will save you a fortune.
Shopping Pal services by our experts will help you order from international online Stores. because some online stores will not accept international credit cards, you can always visit the website you like, or maybe you are worried to buy from an unknown website, so we will make sure all is appropriate and then we will buy and deliver it to your Mailbox so you can combine and ship it with other packages in a single order. and we will only charge 9% of the order value.
When you ship your items using any of the couriers you can choose to add value insurance for a 3% of items value+shipping value. when we receive a package it is being protected and secured into our warehouse, and we will bear responsibility for anything that occurs.
The service is allowing you to expand your business, especially if you are order bulk products and ship to your own warehouse, you can ask for an Air-freight quote when your order is usually around 300lb and above and we will communicate to our freight forwarding partners and provide you with the best available air freight door-to-door service option. this will give to you the opportunity to save more money and get your products much faster.
The Sea Freight service is considered to be the cheapest option when you compare to any other option, and as known it is the slowest option available with reference to the current market congestion situation which may not be solved until 2023 as forecasted. You can ask for a Sea-freight quote when your order is usually around 300lb and above and we will communicate to our freight forwarding partners and provide you with the best available LCL or FCL Sea freight door-to-door service option. 


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