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How it Works

Step 1: Get your "Pal ID" and your "Mailbox" address
Simply complete and submit our easy online registrationYou can begin shopping right away with your personal Mailbox address.
Step 2: Start shopping in online stores
Shop top brands and great deals from USA stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Gap. Simply enter your Mailbox address at checkout and your purchases will be shipped (often for free) to our facility.
Step 3: Manage your shipment
You will be notified via email as soon as your order is received at our facility. You can view and manage all your packages from your Shipper Pal online account 24/7. Our experts will record product details for you for export documents, inspect every package to ensure no items were damaged, and take two free pictures for each package. Your purchases are securely stored in our warehouse.
Step 4: Get your goods delivered to any destination

You’ll get fast delivery at discounted rates, thanks to our partnership with top shipping companies around the world like DHL and FedEx. Once the packages leave Shipper Pal, they can be delivered worldwide in as short as 2-4 days. Also, you can break bulk packages into small packages and send them to multiple addresses through our Deconsolidate online function. Our team will repack your new packages with expertise, and you can ask for extra packing materials or any specific wrapping.


Shipper Pal Team