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11 May 2022
definitely will ship to this company again. Thank you
03 Oct 2021
Great shipping company
29 Sep 2021
Very useful to those who can't be shipped directly to the Middle East from the US. Highly Recommended
20 Sep 2021
They provide excellent service.
18 Sep 2021
I hope that I have found this website sooner. Excellent service and it was easy to use. I was hesitant at first but since I've talked to their team, I feel comfortable handing over my purchases. I had been buying on-sale items from the USA because of my current business to resell them. shipping charges for individual items cost much, however, with the help of Shipper Pal, I got a chance to limit my expenses especially with shipping costs and taxes, I also got notifications from my emails telling me that my parcels had arrived in shipping and were ready for delivery. I will definitely use your service again on my next shopping. Thank you!


18 Sep 2021
One of the best forward shipping company, customer service staffs are very friendly, including their warehouse staff. I really recommend this forwarding company for those who lives here in Kuwait. Hassle free and very reliable team. Guaranteed that our packages will deliver to us. Keep up the good work, Shipperpal team.


01 Aug 2021
Nice website, and helpful customer support