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Shopping Pal

Shopping Pal service
is a service that supports you to order online from the online stores in the USA when you face any problem ordering online, you can just reach us and start a new request and we will help you complete your order.

Step 1: We will buy for you
some websites will not accept your international credit card, as they are not shipping internationally, no worries we have got you covered.
Step 2: Start a new order
you can simply start a new Shopping Pal request from the bottom of the page then fill in the details required for one or more items and click submit.
Step 3: Reviewing order
our team will review and approve your request details within 24 hours.
Step 4: Confirm and pay

You will receive an email notification to pay the order value once it is approved.


Step 5: Delivered at Mailbox

we will purchase the requested items and ship them to your Shipper Pal Mailbox address and you can manage them in the received packages.


Step 6: Ship your items

once items will arrive at your Mailbox and then you can ship them alone or along with other items to more than 220 countries.


Shipper Pal Team